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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

7:00 pm, and give me the answer, and say yes. >> tucker: that's all the time we have left this evening. thank a lot for being with us. have a great fourth this week. we toss it to greta van sustern standing by live. greta? >> greta: tonight rush limbaugh makes a shocking admission. >> today i'm scared. i'm a combination of angry and scared. >> greta: why in the world is rush limbaugh scared? he will tell you yourself. plus, an urge warning, do not implement president obama's healthcare law. louisiana governor bobby jindal is here. and new york city the next clip is not a scene from "jersey shore." >> can i stay on topic? are you stupid? >> greta: who did new jersey governor chris christie stupid and what set the governor off? that's minutes away. but first, just in time for july
7:01 pm
4th, new fireworks. the supreme court ruling sparking a new debate over obamacare. is the individual mandate a penalty or a tax? >> the american people do not want to go down this path. they do not want the government telling them what kind of insurance policy they have to buy and how much they'll pay for it. if you don't like it, we'll tax you. >> it's a penalty that comes under the tax code for the 1% perhaps of the population who may decide they'll be free riders. >> the president on your show said this is not a tax. then he sent his solicitor general to the supreme court to argue that it is a tax in order to get this passed in the supreme court. >> that's not what the supreme court said. the supreme court said this is constitutional. didn't matter what congress called it. it is a penalty for the 1% who choose not to buy insurance. >> they called it' it's a tax.
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>> greta: good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: the question being put to everyone in town. let me ask you, you're not back in town, you're back in your jurisdiction, is the mandate a tax or a penalty? >> it's a tax. and when you understand that the solicitor general of the obama administration argued for it to be considered a tax when the chief justice of the supreme court in their ruling 5-4 says that the only way that this healthcare individual mandate can stand and be seen as constitutional is as a tax, then it is as such. i think that we have to make the simple common-sense evaluation that now individual sov rent iny in the united states of america because the federal government has a unlimited taxing authority to be able to mandate to people certain actions or behaviors, and th the consequence thereof a financial consequence, a tax, monitored and ruled by the irs,
7:03 pm
the internal revenue service. >> greta: now, it's interesting, though, all the republicans i've heard in the last two or three days have agreed with you, with the exception of one, that's it's a tax. the one who disagrees is through a representative is governor romney, saying it's not a tax, it's a unconstitutionality penalty, but not a tax. can you give governor romney some advice? he'll have to navigate perilous waters if his own party disagrees with him. >> governor romney needs to understand that this is not a constitutional penalty maybe in the case ruled as far as the commerce clause, but when you start to understand the ruling that came down from the supreme court -- actually the precedent that it now establishes whereby the federal government can, as i said, mandate a certain type of behavior or mandate a certain type of action and they can actually tax you for not -- for your inactions, and i think that's the incredible thing that
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we must all understand. so the solicitor general argued for it to be a tax. the supreme court said that it's a tax. i believe that president obama has been misleading and actually possibly lying to the american people when he was there in front of george stephanopoulos, and he was asked if it was a tax, he said absolutely not. because of the fact that you're required to make a financial restitution to the united states federal government through the irs, that is nothing more than a tax. >> greta: how does he rev up the republican base, the republicans who don't like the tax? i'm not talking about the politicians, but voters, how does he rev them up about it if he says, i actually agree with president obama, it's not a tax? >> well, i think that the governor probably needs to look at who he has within his circle of advisors, and probably get him to -- get them to provide the right type of counsel and advice, and probably the governor should take the opportunity to go down and do as i did today, i had a roundtable
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with about 10 doctors up in port st. lucie, orthopedic specialists, and they clearly said this is how we see this, this is how we understand the ramifications of the affordable care on our business, as well as on the medical industry and the medical practitioners that are out here. so i think that we have to get down on the ground and talk to the individual americans. also, greta, you have to understand what seems so ironic, the 236 years ago right about this time, thomas jefferson was sitting down and writing the declaration of independence, and he talked about the inalienable rights of the individual that come not from man or government, it comes from a creator. when he listed those grievances against king george iii one. those grievances was the imposition of taxes without their consent. this is exactly where we are 236 years later. >> greta: now to another aspect of this decision. you and others, a number of senators and members of the house, have written the 50 governors, telling them not to
7:06 pm
implement the obamacare, including the exchanges. why did you write that? what do you think is going to be the effect? >> i written anything, but if you understand the affordable care act, the governors have until 2014. i believe they have within their rights as we understands federalism, understand the enumerated powers of the federal government, they have the ability to govern, especially under the tenth amendment. they have to do what is best for their states. this fight is not over. as a matter of fact, next week, we're going to bring it back to the house floor to give the democrats, those who originally implemented this against the american people, against their will, an opportunity to say we stand with the american people, and we don't want to see the largest tax increase, which will affect middle-class families as well on the american people if this actually does continue to go through and be fully implemented starting in january 2013 out through 2018. >> greta: on june 28th with my colleague neil cavuto, you said
7:07 pm
i think that former speaker pelosi is somewhat delusional, in response to the supreme court decision. want a do-over on the term "delusional"? >> no, i don't want a do-over. here's the person who said we have to pass this bill in order to find out what's in it. the more we find out, such as the nationalizing of college education loans, the 18 to 20 taxes, the real estate transaction tax, tanning tax, all of these thing, it's nothing more than a tax law. it's nothing that is going to do anything for healthcare in the united states of america. so i will continue to stand by the comment that i said based on some of the responses that she was making and the struggling that you saw her this past sunday to try to change the decision of this supreme court to fit her own descriptions. >> greta: congressman, thank you, sir. nice to talk to you. >> always a pleasure. happy independence day, greta.
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>> greta: and reb members of congress are a bit hot under the collar, firing off a strong message to the nation's governors, telling th the govers not to implement the changes. do governors agree? louisiana governor bobby jindal joins us. governor scott of florida told us he won't begin developing these changes. i'm curious, louisiana, your state, do you intend to begin developing these exchanges? if not, why not? >> absolutely not. we declared a year ago we were not going to do the exchanges. we're not expanding our medicaid program. this is a huge mistake for the country, certainly for the state of louisiana. we need to do everything we can to repeal obamacare. greta, let's step back and realize what they're doing. in the middle of the greatest recession since the great depression, the president is creating another entitlement program. we can't afford the ones we got. $1.76 trillion in new spending,
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over $500 billion in tax increases, over $500 billion in medicare cuts. this is not affordable, it's not sustainable. we used to celebrate when we got people off of government programs. instead this president seems to want to make more and more americans dependent on the government. food stamps have almost grown 70% in the last five years. now he wants more americans on government-run healthcare. it just doesn't make sense for our taxpayers. doesn't make sense for the state of louisiana. >> greta: do you have any idea, apart from the other things, like the expanded mandate, which you can now opt out of, which i understand, but the cost of the exchanges. i know many governors are rejecting it. i'm curious, do you have any idea what the actual cost of an exchange setup in louisiana would be? >> well, we've rejected all the grants. we know from our states' experiences it could easily run in the tens of millions of dollars. that's just the tip of the iceberg. the reality is the medicaid expansion, our health department calculated the first 10 years of
7:10 pm
implementation would cost our taxpayers over $300 million. we've seen promise after promise broken by this apt when it comes to healthcare. not the coughs of running the exchanges, but what it does to premiums, employers in louisiana, what it does to our taxpayers. think about all the promises that have been broken. the president said premiums would go down, they went up 9% last year. he said he was going to protect medicare, and the cuts are not realistic. he said people will not lose their doctors. estimates are 20 million americans could lose their healthcare coverage. he's made promise after promise that's not being kept. there will be lower quality healthcare, month government intrusion in micromanaging healthcare. that's a big mistake. we need to elect mitt romney, end obamacare, and end this
7:11 pm
culture of dependence. >> greta: is it your stance that louisiana can't afford it, it's a dumb idea, or this is not part of your ideology as to how bigger government and federalism? which is it? maybe it's all three. >> i was going to say, is taliban all of the above option? the reality is those are three great descriptions of this law. it doesn't bend the cost curve down, doesn't put patients and their doctors in control. why in world do we think it makes sense to have a government takes over a sixth of the economy? the government is already spending 24% of the gdp. do we go the way of europe? our founding fathers were celebrating, declaring our independence. i don't think they intended us to be this dependent on government-run programs. >> greta: i understand that the government expansion for the first number of years, the cost would be fully bourne by the federal government, then 10% will be paid for your state
7:12 pm
louisiana, and every state. in the event you don't have this medicaid expansion, there will be this group in the middle who don't have any sort of health insurance. i assume they're going to show up on the doorstep of hospitals around the state, and someone is going to pay for it because we're not a country that simply looks away from bleeding people, people with head injuries. i mean, all this stuff is going to be paid for. i mean, who will be paying for this if there isn't this expansion? >> two things, greta. right now today louisiana has already had tremendous experience in government-run healthcare. we're the only state in the country that runs our own government-run, government-owned hospitals. we're replacing that, transitioning folks on our medicaid program to privately-run insurance coverage. here's the bigger point. we're not just talking about repeal obamacare. that's the first step. we've got to replace it. governor romney has talked about, we need to make insurance affordable across state lines, across jobs. we need to help people with pre-existing conditions, those
7:13 pm
with continuous coverage, make sure they don't face discrimination, those buying health insurance for the first time, there's high-risk pool, help them afford insurance when they're sick. he's outlined other reforms, the medicare program as well, as well as the medicaid program. no one is saying leave the folks uninsured. we're seeing a government-run program, a new government entitlement program when we can't afford the ones we've got makes absolutely no sense at a time we've got over $15 trillion a debt. we're borrowing from china, not just from our children and grandchildren anymore, we're literally impacting our economy today. you know, the democrats will try to attack republicans, try to say this is free healthcare. it's not free. i think governors have to stand up and say, these federal dollars are our taxpayer dollars, we continue to afford this spending. >> greta: governor, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. always great to be with you. >> greta: did chief justice john roberts do a switcheroo?
7:14 pm
there's reports he came close to striking down the mandate but flipped at the last minute. rush limbaugh said if that's the case, he's not happy about it. >> today i'm scared. i'm a combination of angry and scared. originally roberts voted with the other conservatives to strike down the mandate and pretty much the whole bill. then -- and that was in march, april? that was early on. roberts voted with the conservatives to get rid of the whole thing for the most part, certainly the mandate. shortly after that, obama and the media go on a tear about roberts, specifically roberts, and they go on a tear about the court in general. and they start this horror story about how the court will be destroyed forever, its integrity will be blown forever, if they
7:15 pm
overturn major landmark legislation, sitting president, first black president, blah, blah, blah, all of that stuff. then roberts changed his vote. the conservatives, alito, thomas, kennedy, scalia, found roberts' reasoning so flawed that they refused to join or even acknowledge his opinion, even in the areas where they agreed. that is why in their dissent they didn't even mention roberts. they were so ticked off at what he had done. jan crawford, cbs, always reported that roberts' change of heart was almost certain to be driven by left wing media anger over the possibility the law would be overturned. roberts reads the papers, very concerned about the court's image, she reports. if that's true, folks, do you know what it means? the chief justice of the supreme court of the united states is
7:16 pm
now run by the american media. >> greta: chief political correspondent byron york joins us. assuming the reports are correct, the cbs report and others, that there was a change by chief justice roberts in the last few weeks, how do we know there was an intellectsual change upon further review and consideration or whether it was a change from peer pressure, from people pressuring him from the outside? not literally, but more figuratively. >> we don't know right now. jan crawford of cbs is probably the best connected, best informed reporter covering the supreme court right now, has sources deep inside the court. clearly there are some bad feelings going on here. and it's also clear from this report that justice roberts was with the conservative majority at that time, changes over, and in the report she does make it clear that roberts reads his press -- she says pointedly that justice thomas, for example, when he's deciding a big case doesn't read coverage of it.
7:17 pm
he doesn't read "the new york times" reports, "the washington post" reports, but that chief justice roberts does read those things. there's this implication he's been influenced by some of the things that were written. >> greta: i was actually in the court, the trial court, when the tax thing was first raised down in florida. and the reason it was raised was because the doj lawyers are trying to get all those cases thrown out, because you can't challenge a tax until you actually pay it, paying the mandate. they were basically saying it's way too soon to challenge this, yet the chief justice there reaches over and decides the tax anyway, even though nobody has paid this mandate today. >> this is what drives people crazy. there were two different arguments. you're referring to the anti-junction act, which says a tax can't be challenged in court unless somebody has been forced to pay it. if you listen to that, obamacare doesn't go fully into effect until 2014, nobody's paid this
7:18 pm
penalty or tax, whatever it is, so the case can't go forward. so on the first day of oral arguments, administration argued that the penalty was not a tax, it would not be affected by the anti-injunction act and therefore it could go forward. >> greta: the obama administration argued that. >> exactly. justice roberts said, today you're arguing this penalty is not a tax, and we all know you'll be here tomorrow arguing that it is a tax. which is it? the next day the administration did say if you don't decide that this is justified under the commerce clause, then please consider it as a tax. you know lawyers will say, your honor, you should decide this because of "a," if you don't because of "a," you should decide because of "b." this was their "b" argument, the fallback. >> greta: and interesting, even though it's unusual what the chief justice did procedurally, he is the chief justice. this is the supreme court, and
7:19 pm
they can do what they want at that level pretty much. >> he can, but there are signs of bad feelings everywhere. you know, the four conservative dissenters, scalia, thomas, alito and kennedy, all came together on an opinion and justice roberts actually agreed with them on the commerce clause. >> greta: and then changed. >> you would think they would all agree together on that. they did not. the report is that the four conservatives lose at the chief justice and said, "you're on your own." >> greta: he can do that. might not have been the smartest thing, because he has to deal with them on other decisions. we'll see. >> hard feelings. >> greta: straight ahead, the tea party is boiling mad about the healthcare ruling. organizers are fired up to get their message out and plan to do it on the fourth of july. how do they plan to do it? you'll find out next. also the attorney general is about to get in new trouble from congress. a congressman will tell you all about it. he goes on the record. plus a governor gone wild? stunning words from governor chris christie striking for even
7:20 pm
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>> greta: the tea party is steamed. tea party groups across the country vowing to fight back against the supreme court's healthcare ruling, and they plan
7:24 pm
to make their battle cry this july 4th. how do they plan to do that? we hit the ground to find out. >> greta, last week's supreme court decision on obamacare seems to have reenergized the tea party movement in their fight against the healthcare law. freedom works, a national grassroots organization, that works with local tea party groups, spent the weekend trying to rally their troops, creating a war room and issuing a call to action plan for the fourth of july. >> are we going to do this, guys? >> yeah! [cheers and applause] >> americans will be gathering to celebrate american independence. let's make them think again what that means, what that meant then, what it means now. maybe we can use this as a recruiting tool to get more people to join our movement, whether they're tea partiers or not. if they disagree with this decision, if they want to get involved, this is the moment to do that. i think we have an opportunity to do just that. >> that lesson that we've learned over and over again since the beginning of the tea party is don't count on somebody
7:25 pm
else to fix this problem. don't wait for somebody in d.c. to make the best decision. we got to do it from the bottom up. >> as i compare this to the tarp bail-out, kind of compare what happened then, i think it's going to be that kind of moment when people get galvanized, say, you know what, the election is a few months away, i've got to work harder to defeat barack obama. >> a question came up as well regarding republican presidential nominee mitt romney. >> i believe that governor romney is the man who put us in this fix to some extent, because romney care did provide the template for obamacare. at the same time i believe that he's a man who can very much help us get out of this fix. he's said, repeatedly, that he would repeal obamacare in its entirety. >> what the court did not do on its last day in session, i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states. and that is i will act to repeal obamacare. >> romney is with us on healthcare now, and it's because
7:26 pm
he knows that the voters that he needs to get elected are insisting that he fully repeal obamacare. >> if you believe that it will have an impact on the election this year? >> i think it will have a huge impact. people are more energized than ever. the scotus ruling will only make everybody want to redouble their effort. >> greta: coming up, is congress ready to move again on attorney general eric holder? the answer is yes. also big news, looks like you can wear platform shoes and skinny jeans in an unexpected place, a place where they used to be banned. where is it? start guessing. that story is coming up.
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>> greta: first the contempt vote, now the lawsuit over the weekend house speaker john boehner answering questions about what is next in the contempt case against attorney general eric holder. >> do you expect that the justice department will bring suit against their own attorney general and when will you file a lawsuit in federal court? >> well, we're going to go down both paths. it's not clear to me that the u.s. district attorney will in fact -- unless he recuses himself will proceed down that path. that's why we're going to file in district court a civil suit over the issue of executive
7:31 pm
privilege $2. >> when will that be? >> the next several weeks. >> greta: what do republicans hope the lawsuit will accomplish? congressman gowdy joins us. you'll go to federal court, essentially sue on the civil contempt that the house of representatives has voted on. i'm curious, all the time people march contempt orders down to the court. what's the delay? it's only about three blocks. >> i haven't fully given up on criminal contempt. i know that sounds naive, but the department of just said they're not going to pursue it. there's still a flicker of light remaining unextinguished.
7:32 pm
it took about three weeks to get the pleadings filed and three months to get a resolution in a prior case. that's the only road map we have is that prior contempt under john conyers judiciary committee several years ago. three weeks is a reasonable amount of time, what the speaker we would take. >> greta: you're a former assistant united states attorney, but i would not see this as either/or or. i would take both contempt citations, take one down to the u.s. district court right away, the terry family has waited a year and a half. the only thing to wait for is the department of justice decides to surrender the documents and avoid it. that would be one reason. i would also -- i'd push for the criminal contempt both times, putting pressure on my target. that's the way i would do it. maybe you guys are more genteel
7:33 pm
than i am. >> sometimes when you pursue criminal charges, you are foreclosed from deposing people because they have a fifth amendment right not to participate. i mean, the o.j. simpson case is a wonderful case. you can depots him civilly, but you can't in a criminal case. pursuing both tracts, there's there's appeal to that in theory the reality is that you want to believe that criminal contempt which is more serious is foreclosed. to your point about pursuing civil contempt -- >> greta: i'd want the civil one to go faster. if that's the route you plan, why wait? >> well, i was talking to
7:34 pm
oversight government reform staff today. they're in the process -- they actually don't file it. house general counci counsel fi, working on it as we speak, developing legal theories, because we have to expect executive privilege, and form our pleadings. three weeks, when you're waiting for justice seems like an eternity. in the grand scheme of things we've been working on this for 18 months. if the speaker is correct, talking about a couple of weeks, i'll lay my virtue of impatience aside and we'll see. >> greta: you knew this was coming, so i would have been working on this well in advance of the actual vote. most lawyers do. lawyers have auxiliary plans. people pretty much thought this was coming. do the math in the house of representatives, and you'll know you'll get the contempt. in terms of the general counsel working on it, lawyers whip these things up pretty fast. you do a lot of heavy research,
7:35 pm
with the internet and access to law libraries. i don't believe this can't be filed within two or three days of the vote. i would have filed it the next day. i've pulled all-nighters. it's done all the time. >> i'm not arguing with you. i have a tendency to move quicker as well. i will say this, in the defense of house general counsel, there's not a lot of precedent. you have this one case that ultimately wasn't fully litigated, it was resolved. i think there's a sense that there's a little bit of unchartered territory in terms of civil contempt, and they don't want to get bounced out on a procedural matter, which would be embarrassing to the house. so if three weeks is what's required to get it right as opposed to three days, i will give them three weeks. hopefully they're watching your show tonight, and they will sense your impatience and mine as well and perhaps we can cut that in half to about a week and a half. >> greta: okay, great. now the inspector general at the justice department is working on a report.
7:36 pm
i have no clue why that's taken 300 years as it has so far. it's been 18 months since this happened. i don't understand why that's taking so long. do you have any indication when the inspector general is going to finish that report for the benefit of this murdered border agent's family? because they want information. >> i can't recall where i heard this. i heard it last week. it may have been from jason chavitz. i've heard a time frame of less a month. my guess is they reinterviewed some folks, or wanted to make sure that the first piece of congressional work had all the is and ts crossed. i've said on your show before, there have been continents that have shifted in less time than
7:37 pm
it's taken the inspector general to walk down the halls of doj and ask basic questions. i can tell you this, i cannot wait for the inspector general to release his report, and then come before oversight and judiciary and defend it, because the other piece of information that i have gleaned is that they are going to be very critical of the department -- of the u.s. attorney's office and atf and arizona, which is about as shocking as a news alert that the earth is round, they're going to protect the department of justice and implicate atf and the u.s. attorney's office in arizona, wholly unsatisfactory to many of us. if i was the inspector general i would plan for a long day on capitol hill when and if the stars align and the equinox is complete, and he is finished with his report. >> greta: and the sort of -- the thing that we may never forget, we probably end every segment with every night, is as
7:38 pm
department of justice is dragging its feet, and producing the documents, or resolving it, assuming executive privilege doesn't apply to all the documents, maybe it does, doesn't, is there was a border agent murdered, and his family reasonably expects more from all of us to get that information. anyway, congressman, thank you. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> greta: yowere a assistant united states attorney, so you've been through it. thank you, sir. coming up, the big blitz. the obama campaign launching a new offensive. who is the target? find out. that's next. and did governor chris christie go too far? he's known for speaking his mind, but this time did he cross the line? his words are caught on camera. you can hear them and tell us what you think. that's just two minutes away. an accident doesn't have to slow you down.
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7:41 pm
not like the question. the reporter asked about the new jersey legislator, making the governor angry, very angry, and let everyone know it. >> did i stay on topic? are you stupid in on topic, on topic. next question. good. thank you. thank you. thank you all very much. i'm sorry for the idiots over there. take care. >> greta: ouch! well, that is not a first for governor chris christie. you've seen it before. he's known for name-calling and insulting people who challenge him. did he go too far this time? what do you think about the latest outburst? go to and vote in our online poll. we're back in two.
7:42 pm
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7:44 pm
friday's severe storms. the outages extend from north carolina up to new jersey and as far as west as illinois. the word now that it could take several more days for some to get power again. a third day of sweltering temperatures making it tough for repair crews. the wicked weather now blamed for at least 22 deaths. turkey's state-run news agency reporting 300 syrians have defected in just the past day. a general and a number of other officers among 85 syrian soldiers crossing the border. it's one of the largest groups the syrian army defectors crossing into turkey since the up rising since the syrian president began. an estimate 30,000 refugees are now in turkey. back to greta. thanks for watching. >> greta: there's no doubt about it, the latino vote is important, really important. some say the latino vote will determine who wins the
7:45 pm
presidential election in november. both president obama and mitt romney must agree they're both heavily courting latino voters. now the obama campaign released this new ad with singing superstar mark anthony in both spanish and english. >> obama is on our side. we have to make sure that he gets four more years to make more progress. the president has our back. time to let him know we've got his. >> greta: how important is the latino vote? what do the candidates need to do to get it? michael crowley from "time" magazine joins us. nice to see you, michael. >> nice to see you. >> greta: is this vote as important as i suggest? >> it's really important. particularly the key is in the swing states. the latino population in america is growing, growing, more important than it was in the last election. when you zero in on those battleground states, some of the really important ones like colorado, florida, nevada, possibly arizona, may or may not be in play, large numbers there could really tilt the outcome,
7:46 pm
especially in a close race. so it's really important. >> greta: we've got some numbers. "wall street journal" nbc poll shows nationally that president obama is up at 66% and governor romney at 26%. that is a giant margin. >> it's a huge margin. it's actually grown in president obama's favor. you'll remember president obama announcing an executive order recently that allowed for certain children of illegal immigrants to stay in the country under some circumstances. the numbers also in swing states specifically, i believe, it's about a 36% lead for president obama in those swing states that i mentioned. so the gap is widening. here comes obama with this huge ad campaign, pouring it on. >> greta: he got such a boost, at least the most recent boost, because of what he just did about illegal immigration, but there are other issues that are very important to the hispanic population, the economy and also social issues. is there any way that governor romney can pick up numbers there? >> i think so. i think that's exactly the way he wants to play it. now, when you saw him give a
7:47 pm
speech to audience of latino leaders about 10 days ago that was the angle of attack that mitt romney took, where he said unemployment in the hispanic community is 11%, much higher than the national average. unemployment is the issue that should matter most to you, that i can do something about. he's saying if you want a good job, good wages, you should support me. now, that message so far is not breaking through. president obama is maintaining a big lead, actually expanding it a little bit. what romney seems to be saying is that he doesn't want to flip-flop on some of his more hard-line immigration positions -- >> greta: they were hard-line during the primary. he's going to have a hard time moving off those. >> we think of rick perry as having been a bad debater, having performance issues with his campaign, but a big issue was that rick perry was sort of, so to speak, liberal on immigration, on some certain ways, and mitt romney attacked him for it. then he talked about self deportation. he was tough about enforcement. and so he's saying now, i would rather stick by my guns, even if
7:48 pm
it's going to hurt me a little bit with this community in the general election than be seen as someone who's going to do an etch-a-sketch. we remember that controversy. he's sticking by his guns on it. >> greta: what if he were to come up with a comprehensive program on illegal immigration? he still doesn't have that. i would imagine that would be a step forward to get away from these numbers. >> that's right. he's had pressure to do that. he had an opportunity a couple weeks ago, a big conference of latino leaders, and he was quite vague. he hammered at the theme that's been at correspondent of his entire campaign, the economy, the employment rate, personal incomes and economic security. right now all signs seem to suggest that's the way he thinks he's going to be able to make up ground. it's not working so far. maybe when he starts putting in the ad dollars that the obama campaign is already spending he can close the gap a little bit. greta, i think at best, he's going to contain the damage, not flip the numbers around. >> greta: karl rove told me the choice of the vice president
7:49 pm
didn't move the dial, didn't make a difference. would it have any appreciable difference? because this is a huge margin right now, if he picks someone with a hispanic background. >> i think it's unpredictable. but personally i think we overestimate run mates. even in their home states they don't move the needle that much. that being said, marco rubio is a political talent, has a lot of fans, seems to be a skilled politician. i've heard conflicting things about his effect on the latino vote. his positions are relatively hard-line on immigration. the question is, would the hispanic latino community be bowled over by a guy who wasn't in a place where they wanted him to be on their issues. maybe not. i don't think it's a silver bullet for mitt romney. it's not that easy. >> greta: thank you. straight ahead, forget bank sales at car washes. a creative school finds a way to raise money. that's coming up. own ♪ ♪ proud to be homegrown
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. is north korea changing its image? the country's youthful new leader seems to be trying. kim jong-un is allowing him to wear platform shoes, pants, and skinny jeans. that's not all. he's also endorsing foods like pizza, burgers, fries.
7:54 pm
they used to be taboo too. why the changes? experts say north korea's young leader is trying to remind people of better times. that was during the '70s under his grandfather's reign. he's also trying to focus on the younger generation. ever want to buy a school? now you can. there's a high school for sale in pennsylvania. the cash-strapped school is auctioning itself off to raise money. the starting bidn ebay is about $600,000. what do you get for the money? well, you don't actually get to own the school, but you'll get a naming opportunity and a coffee mug and the chance to deliver a speech at graduation. that's not all. the winner also gets a free large pizza. the auction is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the principal hopes it will draw the attention of a wealthy benefactor. interns are proving to be a big hit on capitol hill. they work for california representative loretta sanchez and just completed their 2012 summer intern project. it's a video parity of the hit song "call me maybe." check it out. >> ♪
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>> greta: there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, forget linsanity. wait till you hear who may be causing the next sports crazy. that is next. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms...
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